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All - here are the preliminary discussions and what I am trying to setup ... Counties that have Lojack by state " Lojack is a Stolen vehicle recovery system. Consisting of a small, silent transmitter installed in a hidden place in a vehicle allowing the police to track it, LoJack is activated by police when the vehicle is reported stolen. Not intended to act as a theft-deterrent, the LoJack system is not advertised on the vehicle itself, instead lying in wait for a signal to activate the tracking device. The focus here is recovery, not prevention. Lojack can often lower your insurance premium (hence paying for itself in the long run). how Lojack works

State Insurance Discounts
Arizona: Up to 25% California: Up to 33%
Colorado: Up to 25%
Connecticut: Up to 25%
Delaware: Up to 25%
District of Columbia: Up to 25%
Florida*: Up to 25%
Georgia*: Up to 25%
Illinois: Up to 25%
Louisiana: Up to 25%
Massachusetts*: Up to 35%
Maryland: Up to 25%
Michigan: Up to 25%
New Jersey*: Up to 25%
Nevada: Up to 25%
New Hampshire: Up to 25%
New York*: Up to 25%
Pennsylvania: Up to 25%
Rhode Island*: Up to 35%
Texas*: Up to 30%
Virginia: Up to 25%

About the size of a deck of cards, it can be installed in 20-30 different locations in a vehicle, making disabling the system a chore - assuming the thief even knows about it. Once a car with LoJack is reported stolen, the police activate the transmitter, which will locate the vehicle anywhere within range of an active receiver. Police departments all over the United States have invested in these recovery systems, so even if your car is taken out of the state, it can still be recovered. Most vehicles with LoJack installed are recovered within 24 hours of activation of the LoJack recovery system. In general they need just a few days notice for an appointment. They can perform installations Monday through Saturday in the morning or afternoon (afternoon are usually easier to book). A certified LoJack technician will perform the install in usually less than an hour. They can come to your home / office / or any location." Lojack is offered in 26 states ( including Wash D.C ). I don't have a complete list - but the one above details about 20 - 21 states. The basic lojack cost about $695 - I do not know if that includes taxes - the basic kit is discounted down to about $580 or approx 15% - 20% range. I am working out the payment terms and can elaborate on that later. Right now I do not want any payment - just an email to start a mailing list. Also - if others want the upgraded kit for additional $$ .. look here Lojack 2yr limited reimbursement warranty and other info

Send me an email - let me know.