How much power do you want? 350 rwhp? 550 rwhp? How about 750 rwhp? Is that enough power for you? Do you want more? Do you want everyday reliability? These are the questions that I have continually asked myself and after 4 years of trying multiple power packages, I finally have gotten the results that I have been looking for. It takes a good chassis and a solid motor with exquisite tuning to make high horsepower Z cars reliable and relatively maintenance free. The Devils Z is a site dedicated to the car enthusiasts with an emphasis on the Z32. This site details and showcases power stages, technical links, dyno run files, picture galleries, and other helpful miscellaneous favorite links that I personally used to research and build my initial Devils Z.

Tune in occasionally to see my new project – The Demon Z. This site will showcase the complete build up until completion. Whether you need general recommendations, performance products, custom dyno tuning, or a complete car build up – send me an email, message me on AIM (TheDevilsZ com), or call me directly 302-562-5634 and I will be more than willing to discuss your build up goals based on your budget. I am on a first name basis with numerous vendors and I am constantly developing new vendor relationships. Utilize my contacts for preferred pricing. Within the coming months, I will be expanding my product line to cover SRT, WRX, and EVO performance items. Check in and stay tuned! I thank you for stopping by. Sincerely, Dee Anthony Ridgeway.

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